Frequently Asked Questions

Your BVN is used to verify your identity and to prevent others from using your identity to access credit on this platform.

Anyone who has a source of income, either in a paid employment or self-employed. However, you need to show evidence of regular income.

Be a little patient, we understand you are in emergency situation; our team is working to complete the verification process which is a prerequisite. This is a one-off thing, you won’t have to go through verification when next you need to apply. .

You can access between N10,000 and N30,000 depending on your level. Level is assigned after your application is reviewed and approved. You have the option to pay back between 7 and 30 days.

Approval for credit is done almost instantly as when application is made. Kindly note that you need to have completed your KYC form and verification done before you can access the application portal.

As soon as the credit is approved, your wallet is credit, kindly do a transfer to your bank account. Transfer from wallet can only be done to your account on record.

Should you have difficulty in making payment on your due date, contact our customer service on 07040045000 or hello@ecredit.ng. Kindly note that failure to pay on due date will attract any or all the following

  • 5% interest on the outstanding balance.
  • Report your account default to multiple credit bureaus.
  • Engagement of Collection agency and Legal Action

We encourage you to pay back as soon as you can raise the money. This will help you Improve your credit scores and reduce the interest you are supposed to pay back. Kindly note also that we do not charge early repayment penalty.

Yes, you can, this will help reduce your outstanding.

You can make your credit repayment via the following:

  • Debit/Credit card - Fund wallet on your dashboard
  • Bank Deposit/transfer - Send Payment notification after deposit is made
Account Details

Account Name: Flexmagnet Consulting

Account Number: 0110577255

Bank: GTBank Nigeria

Your credit status is updated immediately your repayment is confirmed

Address: 4, Barnawa Close, Barnawa, Kaduna

Email: hello@ecredit.ng

Phone: 07040045000

Yeah! You will recieve a confirmation email soon...